Friday, May 10, 2013

Cutting the Hair on Yorkie Paw Pads

The Yorkie, or Yorkshire terrier, is a toy dog with a single coat in dark-steel blue or tan. The long, silky coat requires regular grooming to preserve the neat appearance of the Yorkie. Cutting the hair on your Yorkie's paw pads should be part of the grooming routine. The hair between the pads grows continually and requires removal to keep the dog comfortable and prevent accidents.

Reasons for Cutting the Hair on Yorkie Paw Pads

Cutting the hair on the paw pads is performed mainly for hygiene reasons. The hair facilitates the buildup of dirt, mud and debris during the warm months and during wintertime, street salt and ice can accumulate in this hair. The hair in this area is prone to matting, due to the constant contact with the ground, and the debris may get caught in the tangles of hair, making it uncomfortable for the dog to walk. In addition, the removal of hair improves the dog's traction, because the long hair can cause the dog to slip on surfaces such as ceramic tiles, wood or marble.

How to Cut Hair Between Pads

Before you start clipping the hair, inspect the feet of your dog and remove any debris using a pair of tweezers. If the hair is matted, wet it and comb it. Use clippers and a number 15 blade to remove the hair. The hair removal tickles the dog, so it will be likely to move its feet. Try holding still the foot you are working on and use clippers, which are less likely to injure the dog when compared to shears. Should you injure your dog and it bleeds, use styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

Feet Grooming

In addition to cutting the hair that grows between the paw pads, you should also cut the hair around the edges of the paws. Clip this hair when removing the interdigital hair. Clip the hair short and give a round shape to the foot. The grooming of the Yorkie's feet would not be complete without clipping or filing the toenails. Identify the quick, which is pink and avoid cutting too close.

Paw Pad Care

Inspect the dog's paw pads regularly and look for cuts and lumps. Consult your veterinarian if you find abnormalities with your dog's pads. If you find lumps, avoid cutting close to these when clipping the inter-digital hair. Yorkies have sensitive paw pads and they can dry or crack during cold season, so apply a moisturizing cream on the pads and massage it into the pads. Invest in dog boots for the winter.

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